Got to believe in Magic

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You turn a cocooned soul into a butterfly
And I, lose control, can never turn aside
You shine like summer skies, like when a lover lies
Next to me and says to me, you make me wonder why
You are a beautiful mystery
Every note carved into musical history
A simile, a metaphor, words not enough
To entrust to you, trust that it's true
We must have clue, but we asked for evidence
Dwell on passing sentiments, though we bask in eminence
Every moment, every day, busy getting paid away
The soul fades away into a grainy shade of grey
I pray, that you'll listen to
What I say cause I feel like a missing shoe
This is to everything that you are
The wild earth, a child's birth, sun, moon, and the stars

"Every star in the sky is a representation of us all here on Earth."

I am taking a hiatus…

everyone:it's just a tv show